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How to Create Dynamic Short Videos from Static Photos Using the CapCut App? (Methods + Step-by-Step Guide)

Have you ever wanted to turn a static photo into a short video? No fancy editing skills required, no need for a computer—just a smartphone and the CapCut app are all you need.

Step 1: Open CapCut and click on “Start Creating.”
Step 2: Import your own captured photo, it can be any picture. Then click on the white box behind it to import the material.
Step 3: Click on “Material Library,” type “sun” in the search box, find any “sun” video you like, and click “Add.”
Step 4: After adding the sun material to the track, select it, and then click “Cut & Zoom” in the toolbar below.
Step 5: Select the sun material, click on the “Mask” in the toolbar below.
Step 6: Choose “Linear Mask,” the sun will appear on the upper part of the portrait. Click the “small circle” to pull it up, revealing the head of the person, and click the downward feathering “arrow” to pull it down slightly, making the fusion of the sun and the original portrait more realistic. After the operation is completed, click the “✔” in the lower right corner.
Step 7: Because the portrait and the sun blend well, there is no need to add another person track for masking. Just add the text you want directly.
Step 8: Click play to view the short video created from the portrait.

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