KOL.KIM Laser Engraved Medical Alert Necklace for Men Women


KOL.KIM Laser Engraved Medical Alert Necklace for Men Women


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Permanent Laser Engraved

Our dog tag pendant is meticulously crafted using high-powered lasers to create a permanent and attractive engraved text on the metal surface. Through a process of vaporization, the lasers create a clear and precise engraving that will not fade or wear off over time. This ensures that your personalized information remains visible and legible for years to come.

Dimensions and Design

The dog tag pendant measures approximately 48mm in height and 28mm in width, making it a versatile and eye-catching accessory. It comes with a 24-inch (60.96cm) long ball chain, providing a comfortable and adjustable fit. The chain is finished with a 0.4-inch long end, adding a touch of style to the overall design. This pendant is perfect for daily wear, whether as a fashion statement or as a functional piece of jewelry.

Custom Engraving Options

Our dog tag pendant offers two sides for engraving, allowing you to personalize your pendant with up to 9 lines of text on the front side. This versatility enables you to include essential information such as your first and last name, emergency contact number with area code, medical condition(s)/concern(s), treatment considerations, food and drug allergies, and life-saving medications. The possibilities are endless, ensuring that your pendant carries the vital information you need in case of an emergency.

Each pendant comes with a ball chain necklace and a gift pouch, making it an ideal gift for yourself or a loved one. Our permanent laser engraved dog tag pendant combines style, durability, and functionality to provide you with a timeless accessory that not only enhances your look but also keeps you safe and prepared.

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