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How to Make Money Through Short Videos

How to Make Money Through Short Videos

Using Instagram, TikTok, and other short video platforms to sell goods has become a popular way to make money in recent years. This innovative approach combines the entertainment and communication power of short videos with the sales channels of e-commerce, providing creators with a unique opportunity to earn income. In this article, light entrepreneurship instructor Zhong Zhensen will guide you through the detailed steps and strategies on how to make money through short videos.

Part One: Preparation

1. Determine the Product

The first step is to select the product you want to promote. It can be a product made by yourself or products sold by other merchants as an agent. Choose a product that aligns with your interests and has a market demand.

2. Determine the Platform

Next, choose the short video platform that suits you best, such as Douyin, Kuaishou, or Weishi. Each platform has different user groups and usage methods, so it’s essential to select one based on your target audience and creative characteristics.

3. Establish a Personal Brand

To stand out on the platform, it’s important to establish a personal brand. Give yourself a memorable name that relates to your content, set a personalized avatar and profile, and create a cohesive brand identity.

Part Two: Content Creation

1. Choose a Suitable Creative Form

Based on your talents and creative characteristics, choose a creative form that suits you. It could be a talent show, product trial, life sharing, or any other format that allows you to showcase your skills and engage your audience.

2. Develop a Creative Plan

Create a creative plan to outline your weekly and monthly release frequency and themes. This will ensure you have a consistent stream of content and help attract and retain your audience.

3. Create High-Quality Content

Pay attention to the creativity and quality of your short videos. Make sure the content resonates with your viewers and sparks their interest. Encourage them to share your videos with others.

4. Provide Valuable Information

In addition to showcasing the product, provide valuable information such as usage tips and matching suggestions. This will increase your audience’s desire to purchase the product.

Part Three: Delivery Strategy

1. Emphasize the Advantages of the Product

Highlight the features and advantages of the product in your short videos. Use specific examples and demonstrate the product’s use to increase your audience’s trust and desire to purchase.

2. Use Marketing Techniques

Utilize common marketing techniques like limited-time offers, combination sales, and subscription packages to stimulate your audience’s desire to buy.

3. Provide Purchase Links and QR Codes

Make it easy for your viewers to purchase the products by providing direct purchase links and QR codes in your short videos. This reduces barriers to purchase and increases conversion rates.

4. Cooperate with Brands and Merchants

Collaborate with brands and merchants to become their spokesperson or promotion ambassador. This allows you to access more support and resources and receive cooperation fees or commissions.

5. Increase Fan Interaction

Engage with your audience by actively responding to their comments and private messages. This increases fan loyalty and attracts more followers through interaction.

Part Four: Increase Revenue Channels

1. Platform Advertising Promotion

Explore the platform’s advertising promotion model to earn revenue sharing. Negotiate based on your influence and number of fans to maximize your earnings.

2. Gift Rewards

Some platforms allow viewers to send gifts to creators, which can be cashed in as income. Provide unique content or special benefits to attract viewers to tip and support your work.

3. Brand Cooperation

Collaborate with brands to conduct influencer marketing or endorsement promotions. This allows you to earn cooperation fees while leveraging your influence.

4. Sell Your Own Products

If you have your own products, promote and sell them in your short videos. This allows you to directly earn income from product sales.


Short video delivery is a creative and potential way to make money. By carefully planning and executing your content, providing valuable information and products, collaborating with brands and merchants, and utilizing multiple revenue channels, you can earn a considerable income through short video delivery. However, it’s important to note that short video sales require continuous creation and promotion. Maintaining good interaction with your audience is crucial to attract more fans, increase your influence, and seize more money-making opportunities.

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