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7 Ways to Create Explosive Short Videos for Fashion

On TikTok, gaining traffic primarily relies on content. Using content to attract, engage, and increase followers is crucial for fashion accounts.

In the fashion industry, diversity and fashion sense are essential. Therefore, ensuring a frequent update of videos is particularly important. Only in this way can you attract and retain more users.

So how can fashion accounts continuously create explosive videos?

Based on fashion videos with over 10,000 likes to 3 million likes, I’ve compiled 7 types of explosive video formats for your reference. You can judge which shooting method suits you best based on your situation.

  1. Dressing Tutorial

This type of video is the most common on TikTok, mainly sharing dressing rules, and outfit do’s and don’ts. Many people struggle not because they can’t afford nice clothes but because they don’t know how to dress.

With substantial content, even reaching 700,000 likes is not difficult. Therefore, teaching fans how to dress better and how to match outfits can help businesses gain a large number of sticky fans.

It’s important not to frequently change models and avoid being overly verbose. Clearly and directly explain the insights and usage scenarios of the outfits, allowing viewers to understand within 10 seconds.

  1. Street Style

Street style videos seemingly capture random pedestrians, but in essence, they’re for selling clothes. Through actors’ walking, sitting, dancing, etc., clothes are vividly showcased from various angles.

Among them, Pan Nanqiu is quite well-known on TikTok, gaining attention with her tall figure.

This type is more suitable for individual fashion sellers. Sellers can be their own models, reducing operating costs. Also, through long-term shooting, it’s easy to build trust with users and form repeat customers.

These videos don’t require too many skills; authenticity is more important.

But for shop shoots, if the host’s personality and product strength are not strong, it’s difficult to achieve explosive popularity or significant increases in fans.

In addition to Pan Nanqiu, there’s also Annie Ting, with over 3 million TikTok followers. She shares her daily life, such as eating, gathering, traveling, etc., to showcase her clothing combinations.

This type has a clear sense of immersion, offering users more reasons to like and buy. The most important thing is that she can create a rich personal image and has genuine selling ability.

Street style follows the logic of traffic conversion, shop shooting follows the logic of pure sales, and life types follow the logic of fans, with stronger expressive abilities.

  1. Product Recommendation

This method usually involves unboxing packages or directly sharing personal wardrobes, showcasing one’s clothing philosophy, the on-body effects of products, and details like texture and material.

By analyzing the pros and cons of different clothes, customers can more clearly choose clothes suitable for their body types.

These videos not only provide detailed dressing tips, enhancing the video’s watchability and utility, making it easy to gain followers, but also naturally insert introductions to one’s own products during reviews.

However, product recommendation not only emphasizes on the on-body effects but also requires a certain aesthetic ability in selecting and matching products.

  1. Storytelling Sales

These videos involve various relationship roles like best friends, couples, parent-child, etc., with stories often being funny, exaggerated, or heartfelt. During the performance, their own products are interspersed.

This method increases fans rapidly, but user mental conversion requires a process.

These videos require high acting skills from the actors and need a good script. Therefore, creativity from content staff is also required.

For example, there’s a pair of middle-aged sisters on TikTok, sharing funny daily life stories but wearing their own clothing throughout. They also hold live broadcasts to sell every night.

Yue Laoban, with 16 million TikTok followers, often wears suits and acts out various funny scenarios, but he actually sells suits.

  1. Talent Showcase

Usually, bloggers showcase singing, dancing, acting, etc. Having talent alone is not enough; there also needs to be uniqueness. Currently, there are many high-profile internet celebrities for singing and dancing, lacking uniqueness makes it difficult to become popular.

  1. Dressing Comparison, Amateur Transformation

These videos mainly showcase product combinations through contrasting forms, highlighting the items. A common plot is amateur transformation, attracting fans through before-and-after comparisons.

For example, “looking 10 pounds lighter” or “changing from a body score of 55 to all legs.” This quickly arouses interest in the clothing and encourages likes, creating trust and sparking purchasing impulses.

However, the effect of clothes on the body varies from person to person, and customers may feel unsatisfied or give negative reviews after purchase.

  1. Vlog

This type of video typically documents the story of the store owner’s entrepreneurial journey, the difficulties encountered, and the surprises gained. Through self-exposure and revealing heartfelt thoughts, emotional resonance is stimulated, quickly bringing the audience closer.

Video production has a certain degree of difficulty. For example, light and shadow, sound effects, subtitle configuration, narration voice correction all take time, and a rich and moving story is also required.

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