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A Guide to Live Steaming for Beginners

Live streaming e-commerce has entered a fast development track, and whether it’s platforms or individuals, everyone wants a piece of the pie.

The faster you enter the live streaming e-commerce market, the more you can seize the market dividends.

However, for those who have never had live streaming experience, how to conduct a successful live stream, even how to choose live streaming equipment and how to create a live streaming room are all daunting tasks.

In view of these issues, Brother Can has specially summarized a set of operational dry goods from 0 to 1 to conduct a successful live stream sale, hoping to help you quickly start your journey of live streaming sales.

01 Selecting a Live Streaming Platform

Not only familiar platforms like Tiktok, Twitch, and Youtube can be used for live streaming sales, but currently, large-scale internet platforms like Instagram and Amazon have also launched live streaming e-commerce models.

You only need to activate the live streaming sales function according to the requirements of the platform.

For beginners, it is recommended to choose one platform for in-depth operation in the initial stage. Familiarize yourself with the live streaming function and the tone of the platform.

Because human attention is limited. If attention is too dispersed, with activities here and there, it will drain your attention, leading to failure.

Remember, focus can improve efficiency.

02 Live Streaming Positioning and Market Research

As the saying goes, knowing oneself and knowing the enemy ensures victory in a hundred battles.

For beginners, don’t blindly start broadcasting and experimenting in the initial stage. Before starting the live stream, you can ask yourself:

  1. What type of live stream do you like? Whose live stream do you like, and why? What aspects of their live streams attract you?
  2. What type of live stream do you dislike, and why? What aspects do you dislike?
  3. If you were to do a live stream, what would you want it to be like, and what would be unacceptable? What concerns do you have?

At the same time, you should be familiar with the platform’s live streaming sales regulations, which goods can be promoted on the platform, and which cannot be. Also, understand what points need attention during the live stream.

Furthermore, think clearly about what kind of persona you want to build as a host.

In the era of KOLs, your fans will buy your products because they like you as a person, trust you, not because you resemble a celebrity.

Also, cultivate the right mindset for live streaming.

Live streaming is different from short videos; all content and interactions are in real-time and interactive. Your every move will be presented in front of the camera in real-time, and the duration of live streaming can range from one hour to several tens of hours. Be prepared to endure hardship.

03 Determining Live Stream Personnel

Generally, a complete live stream requires at least the following four roles:

Live Stream Leader

Clearly identify the person in charge of the live stream project and formulate a live stream plan on a weekly basis, responsible for all aspects of the live stream.


Design live stream scripts, set live stream goals, select products, apply for product discounts, etc. Responsible for preheating the live stream, monitoring live stream data, and summarizing.


It is recommended to have two hosts for each live stream. The hosts should be able to chat, present themselves naturally in front of the camera, and not be stage fright. They should understand the products, be professional, influential, and be able to control the rhythm.

Host Assistant

The role of the assistant is to act as an administrator during the live stream and interact with fans. Responsible for answering fan questions, dispelling consumer doubts, increasing repurchase rates, etc. Adjust lighting and camera settings in advance; assist the host during the live stream.

04 Building the Live Streaming Room

Building the live streaming room includes infrastructure such as network speed, lighting, background, and cameras.

In addition, the primary factor to consider when choosing a live streaming venue is to select a suitable location and lighting and sound.

Suitable Location

  1. Match the scene with the goods, consistent with the scene of the goods being sold, increase the sense of immersion in online shopping, and increase trust. If unable to create a professional scene, it is recommended to have a clean background with a strong sense of depth, allowing users to focus on the host without feeling uncomfortable after prolonged viewing.
  2. Position the host in the middle of the live streaming room and avoid walking around while broadcasting.
  3. The live streaming room should be free of noise, comfortable, not too crowded, and aggressive.

Lighting and Sound

  1. Adequate lighting: Lighting should be bright. If the background is dark, it will be difficult to showcase the products effectively.
  2. Sound stabilization: Wireless earphone microphone + mobile phone tripod.

05 Preparation Before Live Streaming Two mobile phones

One phone is used for live streaming with the rear camera, and the other is used to watch fan barrage and interact with fans.

Network environment

Ensure stable network connection, it is recommended to use WiFi. If using 4G to start the live stream, it is recommended to enable airplane mode on the phone to avoid incoming calls, which may interrupt the network.

Charging equipment

Prepare power banks and mobile power supplies to ensure that the phone has sufficient battery power.


The front camera is mirrored. If there is text or other information that needs to be displayed correctly, you can click the mirror button to adjust.

Device check and debugging

➊ Phones (two, one for the host, one for monitoring and interaction)

❷ Live streaming stand (can accommodate multiple phones)

❸ Sound card (for indoor use, wired sound card, outdoor or venue, wireless sound card)

❹ Speakers (for indoor use, to adjust the atmosphere)

❺ Test 40 minutes in advance

In case of emergencies:

  1. Live stream buffering: Force quit the app and reopen it. Return to the live streaming planning page within 2 minutes to continue the live stream.
  2. Audience cannot hear sound: Do not switch to the background during the live stream, otherwise, the audience’s live stream will pause.
  3. Sudden network signal interruption: It is recommended to bring up the menu bar in the live streaming room and switch to the 4G network to ensure the live stream continues. It is not recommended to exit the live streaming room to adjust the network, otherwise, the audience’s live stream will pause.

06 Preheating Before Live Streaming

A common challenge when starting a live stream is where to get traffic, especially for new accounts.

A basic method is to promote works or live streams and purchase official traffic boosts, such as Douyin’s live streaming DOU+ traffic boost.

Many influencers directly add their live streaming time to their nickname or profile, and announce it through short videos or live streams to cultivate the habit of fans regularly watching the live streaming room.

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