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How to Choose Background Music for TikTok Short Videos? 6 Tips to Get You Popular!

Getting traffic and becoming popular on TikTok has always been a pain point for self-media creators. In fact, there are many factors that influence the popularity of short videos, including voice-over and background music, both of which are crucial. So how should you choose the background music for TikTok short videos if you want to get popular? Today, let me share with you some tips on how to choose music when making short videos!

01 Popular Music

Choosing popular music can attract more attention from users.

For example, current popular songs and classics on TikTok. These songs have been widely circulated on TikTok, and their melodies and lyrics are well-known, which can better resonate with users. This can increase the duration of user attention, increase the popularity and recommendation of short videos.

You can directly check the music hot list on the TikTok platform, or open the video editing app to view the hot list of music categories and add background music.

02 Music with Strong Rhythm

Choosing music with a strong rhythm can make the short video more dynamic and attractive. You can choose some electronic music, dance music, etc. These types of music are characterized by fast rhythm and compact melody, which can make the audience feel excited and impulsive while watching the short video.

03 Music that Fits the Content Theme

Choosing music that fits the content theme can make your short video more vivid and interesting.

For example, if your short video is about love, you can choose some romantic background music; if your short video is about sports, you can choose some passionate background music.

Therefore, many short video creators will use classic old songs and popular music from earlier years. For example, songs by popular artists such as Jacky Cheung, Jay Chou, and Andy Lau have high sing-along rates and can resonate with users.

Most users choose to stay and watch the video because they are reminded of themselves in the story, immersed in it!

04 Pay Attention to Music Copyright

When choosing background music, pay attention to copyright issues. It is best to choose music that has no copyright disputes or music that has been purchased with copyright to avoid infringement issues.

Nowadays, the free music provided by short video platforms can be used at will because the platform has already paid the copyright fees, so there is no need to worry about copyright issues. If it is a source file of music on platforms other than TikTok, Douyin, and Kwai, everyone needs to pay attention to the review of copyright issues.

05 Proper Use of Sound Effects

In addition to background music, you can also use some sound effects appropriately to enhance the effect of the short video.

For example, in some funny short videos, you can add some funny sound effects to enhance the laughter.

Of course, in addition to music, factors such as the content, presentation form, and interactive mode of short videos are also very important and need to be considered comprehensively.

06 Reference Peer Background Music

You can also refer to benchmark accounts and popular short videos of peers to observe the reasons for the popular short videos of peers? How to choose background music? How to control the relevance to the theme content? In fact, many times we make short videos, after watching a lot, creativity and ideas naturally come!

Referring to the background music of peer short videos can be achieved through the following steps:

Observe peer short videos: Observe peer short videos and pay attention to the choice of background music. You can pay attention to the rhythm of their videos, the matching of music with the picture, etc., in order to better choose the background music suitable for you.

Find a music library: You can search for corresponding music in the music library or online music platform to find the tracks suitable for the background music of your short videos. You can try using different keywords or music types used by peers to search.

Try and test: After finding some background music that may be suitable for your short video, you can confirm its suitability through trial and testing. You can match these music with your short videos, observe the audience’s reaction and feedback, in order to choose the most suitable background music.

Innovation and Personalization: Referring to the background music of peers does not mean copying directly, you can try innovation and personalization, find music that matches your own style and characteristics of short videos. You can adjust the rhythm, melody, and lyrics of the music appropriately to make it more suitable for the content of your short video.

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