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How to Increase Online Viewer and Create Engaging Live Rooms on TikTok?

I. Pre-Broadcasting Warm-up Techniques

To boost traffic in live rooms, it’s essential to prepare before going live. We’ve outlined four pre-broadcasting methods for you to learn from.

  1. Homepage Warm-up

On your TikTok account’s homepage, mention the broadcasting time in your account nickname or bio. This informs existing followers and cultivates the habit of watching your live streams while also letting new followers know when to join, thereby attracting new traffic to the live room.

  1. Short Video Warm-up

In the week leading up to the live session, publish several short videos related to the live stream’s theme. Preview the live content, products, giveaways, etc., to attract users to enter the live room on time.

  1. Live Broadcast Warm-up

To set up a live broadcast announcement, tap the “+” button at the bottom of the TikTok app’s main interface, select “Go Live,” then choose “More Functions” and click “Live Broadcast Announcement” -> “Create New Announcement” -> set “Start Time,” “Weekly Repeat,” “Announcement Content,” and optionally set “Show Announcement Card in Live Room” and “Automatic Reminder for Fans Group.”

  1. Fan Group Warm-up

Before going live, you can also warm up in TikTok fan groups to attract fans to watch the live stream on time. Similarly, if you have fan groups on WeChat, QQ, or other platforms, you can send live broadcast announcements to the group chat to increase the live room’s activity when going live.

II. Live Room Basic Settings

Tap the “+” button at the bottom of the TikTok app’s main interface, select “Go Live,” and set up the live cover, title, hashtags, etc. These are the basic steps for starting a live broadcast and optimizing traffic flow to the live room.

  1. Cover Setting

The live room cover should highlight the live theme to attract users to click into the live room. Cover settings are crucial because if the live room’s data is high-quality, it may appear on the “Live Square,” which typically showcases the live room cover and account nickname. Therefore, it’s essential to set up an appealing cover.

  1. Title Setting

Live room titles should follow three principles: concise, thematic, and attractive. Keep the title under 15 characters, closely related to the live theme, and include keywords for accurate tagging and user search optimization. Interesting titles attract user clicks, thus boosting live room traffic.

  1. Hashtag Setting

Live room hashtags include multiple primary tags like knowledge teaching, chat interaction, cultural talent, food, music, outdoor, etc., with finer secondary tags under each primary tag. Choose precise tags based on your live content to get more accurate streaming and attract relevant audiences.

  1. Local Traffic Switch

It’s important to note that local traffic mostly consists of general traffic, including users browsing TikTok’s local pages or your contacts. Whether to enable or disable local traffic depends on each live room’s characteristics.

If you belong to the following situations, it’s recommended to enable local traffic:

  • If influencers or teachers have offline stores or training institutions and one of the live broadcast’s purposes is to attract users to consult or consume offline, it’s advisable to enable local traffic.
  • If influencers or teachers have strong live operation conversion abilities and can retain local users in the live room through scripts, discounts, skills, etc., and even achieve conversion, it’s also recommended to enable local traffic.

To disable local traffic, follow these steps:

(1) Turn off phone location: [Settings] -> [Privacy Protection] -> [Location] -> Turn off TikTok app location. (2) TikTok privacy settings: [Me] -> upper right corner [☰] -> [Settings] -> [Privacy Settings] -> Turn off these three locations: [Show Local], [Online Status], and in the “Ways to Find Me” section, deselect “Recommend Me to People I May Know.” (3) Open the live broadcast interface: set the position on the right side of the cover to “Hide Position.”

By completing these three steps, local entry into the live room will be zero. This ensures that only accurate traffic enters the live room, and the live room’s user tags will not be disrupted, resulting in more accurate streaming by the system and a continuous influx of precise traffic into the live room.

III. Live Strategy Optimization

Boosting live room traffic requires not only good live operation but also effective short video operation to drive traffic to the live room. Both free and paid traffic should be managed, as they are not mutually exclusive.

  1. Short Video Operation

As TikTok is a content-oriented platform, effective short video operation is one of the best ways to drive traffic to live rooms.

Traffic-Building Short Videos

Short videos published before the live broadcast should be tailored to serve the live stream. Thus, the content and style of these videos need to match the live content, users, and products. Adhere to the “Golden Three Seconds” principle to grab users’ attention. If these videos go viral, they can be dissected and replicated to bring more traffic to subsequent live broadcasts.

Routine Short Videos

Routine short videos aim to tag the account, attract precise users, increase followers, interactions, etc., to boost account weight, accumulate fans for future live streams, and inject traffic into live rooms.

  1. Live Data Metrics

The amount of natural traffic in TikTok live rooms depends on live room data. User behaviors, from entering the live room to staying, interacting, ordering, sharing, etc., are recorded by the system and affect the streaming effect. These metrics include interaction indicators, fan indicators, product indicators, order indicators, etc.

These data are closely related to live room opening times, scene steps, anchor scripts, product selection and arrangement, marketing strategies, etc. A comprehensive operation approach ensures a continuous flow of traffic to the live room.


For real-time monitoring of live room data and adjustments based on live data, start TikTok Insights before going live.

TikTok Insights is an official live data platform launched by TikTok, covering pre-broadcast preparation, real-time data during broadcast, and post-broadcast live replays. It helps anchors better understand the live room situation.

Refer to the article “TikTok Insights | Real-Time Monitoring of TikTok Live Data, Key Metrics at Your Fingertips!”

  1. Paid Advertising Placement

TikTok live rooms can also attract traffic through paid advertising.

Paid traffic acts as a means of buying the most accurate traffic to boost conversion in the short term and increase live room data. Through TikTok live room paid promotion tools, you can showcase the promoted live room on the TikTok discovery page, thus increasing live room traffic.

Common TikTok live room paid promotions include Qianchuan, Xiaodian Sui Xin Tui, DOU+. Refer to the article “How Does Little Snowflake Use AD to Promote Courses? Maximize Course Revenue” for more details.

IV. Live Room Guidance

To continually attract traffic to live rooms, core live room data must be managed effectively. This way, the system recognizes your live room as valuable, leading to ongoing streaming.

This can be achieved through effective live streaming dialogue, material guidance, welfare guidance, link guidance, etc.

  1. Live Streaming Dialogue

An anchor plays a crucial role in influencing live room data.

An excellent anchor can liven up the entire live room through professional live streaming

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