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Mastering Techniques to Improve Interaction Rate of Short Videos

Why Improve the Interaction Rate of Short Videos?
There are two important indicators that affect the recommendation of TikTok short videos: one is the completion rate, and the other is the interaction rate.

Based on the algorithm mechanism of the TikTok platform, with good completion rate data of short videos, the higher the interaction rate data, the more the platform pushes the short videos, which can enter higher-level traffic pools, allowing more target users to see our videos.

In other words, if you want short videos to get more traffic recommendations, or even become popular or trending, you must improve the interaction rate of short videos.

What are the Dimensions of Interaction Rate Assessment?
The interaction rate is a measure of user activity, and its assessment dimensions mainly include four: like rate, favorite rate, share rate, and comment rate.

So, to create popular short videos, you need not only good content but also trigger the platform’s recommendation algorithm from the perspective of interaction data.

Understanding this idea, all actions from short video production, publishing to operation must revolve around the assessment criteria of interaction rate.

Specific Methods to Improve Interaction Rate?
Next, we have summarized various methods to improve the like rate, favorite rate, share rate, and comment rate of short videos for everyone to refer to and apply in actual operation.

(1) Like Rate

Likes are the key buttons for TikTok users to express love and affirmation. We often see popular short videos with millions of likes. Behind a simple like action, there are countless traffic.

To improve the like rate, you can proceed from two aspects: presetting like motivations (content) and guiding like behaviors (psychology).

Preset Like Motivations

Usually, users like a short video because they find it valuable, which could be “practical value” from the content or “emotional value” from the emotions.

Create valuable and informative content to make users feel practical value;

Create entertaining and interesting content to make users feel emotional value.

It’s best to create content that aligns with the account’s track to attract precise users and easily increase the like rate.

Guide Like Behaviors

We can also guide users to like by inserting an opening, middle, or ending call to action (CTA) to prompt users to like;

Or design arrow pointers, like gestures, and other guiding symbols to increase the like rate. For example:

Like first, then watch;

Remember to like first to avoid losing it later;

If you think it’s good, double tap to support!

I heard that those who like have good luck~

(2) Favorite Rate

To increase the favorite rate of short videos, you need to increase the perceived value of the short video content. The higher the perceived value, the greater the likelihood of users favoriting it.

You can also use the following two tricks to help increase the favorite rate.

Guide Favorite Behaviors

Similar to methods to increase the like rate, you can also use guiding language or directional arrows to prompt users to favorite the short video, increasing the favorite rate. For example:

It’s very informative, like and favorite first for easy repeated viewing in the future.

The answers are all in this short video, remember to favorite!

Quick-paced Content with Substance

For example, knowledge-type bloggers often summarize some documents, tables, data packs, etc., but short videos have limited duration and cannot show them all in detail.

Usually, you can insert these material contents into the short video, speed up the pace of presentation, let users feel the value, and choose to favorite it for later viewing.

(3) Comment Rate

There are many reasons to trigger users to comment actively, such as: agreement, disagreement, teasing, questioning, curiosity, gratitude, criticism, etc.

As long as you can trigger one of these feelings in users, they are likely to comment.

Guide User Comments

If you want users to comment actively, you can ask questions in the form of questions in the short video. By asking interactive/controversial questions, you can increase users’ interest, and they will actively leave comments in the comment section.

For example: What do you think about xxx?

Or targeting users’ pain points, guiding users to leave comments actively, and answering questions for users.

For example: You can leave more questions in the comment section!

Provide Comment Benefits

We can also set up comment section lottery benefits. As long as users leave comments in the comment section, lucky users will be drawn from them, and they will receive free materials, benefits, etc., to increase the enthusiasm of users to comment actively.

Reply to User Comments

Regarding the comments left by users in the comment section, we also need to reply, like, and pin them in a timely manner to form a discussion atmosphere of interaction.

Not only can it increase the activity of the comment section, satisfy users’ psychology of attention, recognition, and praise, and attract more people to participate in the discussion;

It can also narrow the distance between us and users, enhance users’ sense of trust, and form a strong connection.

Pre-buried Comment Content

TikTok short video comment sections often have “god comments”, and the brilliance of the comments often exceeds the content of the video itself.

If a user’s comment content is very interesting, it can be pinned, liked, and replied to, making it easier for other users to see and engage in discussion;

If there are no user comments, we can prepare a few comments in advance and post them in the comment section with another account. The direction of the comment can be to affirm the video content or question it, or even tease the video content. As long as it can attract users to watch and participate in the discussion in the comment section, our purpose is achieved.

(4) Share Rate

Users choose to share short videos based on their recognition of the short video, and they are willing to share it with their friends.

Direct Share Targets

Some short video content is targeted at specific user groups during creation.

In the title or content of the short video, we can directly tell users who the short video should be shared with. For example:

Quickly mention xxx so they can learn this technique too.

This video must be shared with your xxx around you so they understand xxx.

User Positioning Expression

We can also stand from the user’s perspective to output and produce short video content.

This way, we can attract users with similar needs or pain points. Once users resonate, they may share it with others.

Fun Guidance Techniques

Of course, you can also use some fun guidance techniques or phrases to stimulate users’ interest in sharing, thereby increasing the share rate. For example:

@ someone who has had the same experience;

If you don’t believe it, you can share it with your best friend and see if I’m right.

Short video operation involves various aspects, and we strive to do well in all controllable aspects, leaving the rest to the platform algorithm to verify the results. Then, analyze and optimize based on interaction data, and you can definitely create popular short videos!

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